Wychavon Parish Games

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Rounders 2018

Date            Sunday 8th July, Registration 9.30am, Prompt start at 10.00am

Location     Pershore High Scholl, Station Road, WR10 2BX

Kindly Sponsored by    Marshalls Transport (Evesham) Ltd

Results 2018

1st   Wick

2nd  Ashton under Hill

Joint 3rd  Wyre Piddle and Sedgeberrow



Pershore Airfield, Long Lane, Throckmorton WR10 2JH

01386 556808 www.marshallsofevesham.co.uk

Sunday 8th July 2018 at Pershore High School, Station Road, Pershore, Worcs WR10 2BX

Registration from 9.00am – Prompt Start at 9.30am


  1. A Team shall consist of a minimum of Six Players with a maximum of Fifteen. No more than Nine Players can be on the pitch at any one time. A maximum of Three Men may be included if a Parish wishes.

  1. Players must be 14 or over on the day of the event. Proof of age may be needed.

  1. All Players must reside in the Parish or Ward they are representing. This is because it is an Inter-Parish Competition. Appearing on the electoral roll for a Parish does not in itself constitute residency. If it is found that a player does not reside in the Parish or Ward they are representing, all points gained by the team in that event will be forfeited.

  1. Each Captain shall fill his/her Team in on the match sheet prior to the start. This must include the full postal address of each team player and must be handed to the Organiser before the competition starts.

  1. If a Parish or Ward has entered but does not then take part, the Parish or Ward will be deducted 3 points unless the Parish Captain has given the event organiser a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of non-participation.

  1. The number of groups and therefore the number of games that each Parish will play will be decided on the morning of the event and will depend on the number of Parishes taking part. The Draw will take place on the morning of the event.

  1. All equipment will be provided. Parishes may NOT use their own equipment.

  1. Each Parish must provide:

At least one Referee; and

One other Official to count the number of balls bowled

These Officials must not be part of the playing team and must not umpire their own Parish.

  1. Full sets of rules are available from: Rounders England, PO Box 4458, Sheffield S20 9DP; 0114 2480 357; www.roundersengland.co.uk. It is essential that all players are aware of the rules before the event.

  2. Any protest must be submitted to the Secretary – Sue Collins – within SEVEN days of the match in dispute – contact details below.


3 points for a win by 4 clear Rounders

2 points for a win normally

1 point for a draw

0 points for a loss. 

If there is a tie at the end of the group stage, the number of Rounders scored will be taken into consideration; if there is still a draw, the difference between the number of Rounders scored and the number of Rounders conceded will be taken into consideration.  


Object The object of the game is to score Rounders; the team scoring the greater number of Rounders shall win the game.

Duration of game Each game will be one innings of a specified number of balls – probably 18.


One rounder is scored if either of the following is achieved:

1. The ball is hit and the 4th post is reached before the next ball is bowled.

2. The batter runs on a 'no ball' and 4th post is hit before the next ball is bowled (you cannot be 'caught out' on a no ball)

3. 4th post is reached after the ball is hit into the backward area; however, the batter MUST stay at 1st base until the ball is put back into the forward playing area.

1/2 rounder is scored if the batter achieves any of the following:

1. 2nd or 3rd post are reached before the next ball is bowled.

2. 2nd or 3rd post are reached after the ball is hit into the backward area; however, the batter MUST stay at 1st base until the ball is put back into the forward playing area.

3. The ball is NOT hit, and 4th post is reached before the next ball is bowled.

Penalties of 1/2 rounder will be awarded if:

1. The bowler delivers 2 consecutive 'no balls' to the same batter.

2. The batter is obstructed by a fielder.

3. A penalty 1/2 rounder will be given to the FIELDING team should one of their members be obstructed by a member of the batting team.


1. All batters must wait in the backward area, not obstructing the 4th post.

2. If out must move away from batters still in play but not obstruct 1st or 4th post, the backstop area or the vision of the umpire.

3. You will have ONLY 1 good ball bowled to you.

4. You can run on a 'no ball' - once first base is reached you cannot return. You may score in the normal way and cannot be 'caught out'.

5. a 'NO BALL' is called when any of the following occurs:

  • Not a smooth underarm action

  • Ball is below knee or above head (in normal standing position)

  • Ball bounces on its way to you

  • Is wide of, or straight at, the body

  • The bowler’s foot is outside of the bowling square during bowling action

Running around the track

When stopping at a post you must keep contact with that post until the next ball is bowled.

On leaving contact with the post you may be 'stumped out' by the fielding team.

You cannot move if the bowler has the ball in the bowling square.

You may move once the ball has been bowled - even if a no ball is called.

4th post must be touched on getting home.

There may be no more than 1 batter at a post and there will be no overtaking by batters. The first batter shall be asked to move on in this instance.

Out When

  • Caught

  • Foot outside of batting square

  • Running inside a post - unless obstructed

  • The post you are running to is stumped

  • You lose contact with the post when the bowler has the ball in the


  • You overtake

  • You obstruct a fielder (right of way on track only)

  • Deliberately throw the bat.