Wychavon Parish Games

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Ladies Darts 2019

Date                Knockout event, click for Draw Sheet.

Location          To be arranged by home team.

Kindly Sponsored by      GELFitness     077886166417  [email protected]  

Rules Below


Organised by Wychavon Sport – Competition and Community Coming Together


Sponsored by GELFitness

077861 66417 [email protected]

  1. All Teams shall consist of Five Female Players.

  1. All Players must reside in the Parish or Ward they are representing. This is because it is an Inter-Parish Competition. Appearing on the electoral roll for a Parish does not in itself constitute residency. If it is found that a player does not reside in the Parish or Ward they are representing, all points gained by the team in that event will be forfeited.

  1. Each Captain shall provide two copies of the names and addresses of their team members; this must include the full postal address of each team member. One of these should be retained by the Home Captain for the duration of this year’s Games, and the other should be retained by the Away Captain for the duration of this year’s Games. Matches must not start until both Team Captains have completed their lists.

  1. If a Parish or Ward has entered but does not then take part, the Parish or Ward will be deducted 2 points unless the Parish Captain has given the event organiser a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of non-participation.

  1. All Games to commence at 8.00pm.

  1. Games to be a Straight Start, Double Finish, best of three games x 301.

  1. Three darts shall constitute a throw. All darts to count in any circumstances. Darts and flights may be changed during a game.

  1. The 50 Bull shall count as Double 25 for the purpose of finishing a game.

  1. The Bust Rule MUST NOT be played.

  1. All matches to be played on a Home or Away basis. After the initial rounds, the Organiser will, wherever possible, ensure that a team, which played away in a previous round, plays at home in a subsequent round. In a case where both winning teams played at home or away, the Organiser will have the final decision.

  1. The Team that is drawn at Home is responsible for the Venue and Date of each Match to be played. They will contact the Away Team and fix the evening by giving THREE possible dates. THESE MUST NOT BE ON THE SAME DAY OF THE WEEK AND SHOULD PREFERABLY NOT BE IN THE SAME WEEK.

  1. After the first round, failure to comply with Rule 11 above within 10 days of the date by which the Match is due to be played will concede home advantage to the Away Team. The Away Captain will then arrange for the Match to be played by the due date.

  1. All matches must be played by the date shown on the draw sheet.

  1. The date of the Final will be arranged by the Event Organiser in conjunction with the two Captains and will take place on a mutually convenient date at a neutral venue.

  1. The Result is to be phoned to the Competition Organiser



  1. Any protest must be submitted to the Secretary – Sue Collins – within SEVEN days of the match in dispute – contact details below.

Sue Collins, 13 Beech Avenue, Drakes Broughton, Pershore, Worcs WR10 2BJ

Contact: 01905 841269/ 07947 147030 [email protected] www.wychavongames.org